Weekend Frontal Relief – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!   Get ready for another near 90° day today and tomorrow, while the nights remain quite comfortable.  The weekend news continues to be good.  A cool front enters the state in the Friday night overnight hours and sweeps across the state Saturday.  Some much cooler air moves in behind the front and we’re expecting 50’s on Sunday morning.  Will there be any showers with the front?   That’s a good question.  A second front moves in NEXT week with a better chance of rain.  It will deliver the coolest air of the Fall by far.  And, there is a historic early October  snowstorm underway in the Rockies.

While a snow storm rages in the Rockies we will be up near 90 degrees today and tomorrow.  The nights remain comfortable.

Significant cool down this weekend.  Still looks like 50’s Sunday morning around dawn.  Small rain chance with cool front number one Friday night, and again by the middle of next week with front number two.

Watch as the approaching band of showers ahead of the cool front starts to fall apart as it gets into Alabama.  Some NICE air, cooler air will follow the front.

Still looks like 50’s here by late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

Tiny Rain chance at Talladega this weekend…BUT, a very comfortable weekend.

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