Cooler Days and Jacket Nights Ahead – TUESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  The front which has brought overnight and early morning rain will exit the state after Dawn.  Clouds will start this day, but bright sunshine will take over later.  Are you ready for some cooler days and more jacket nights?  The middle of the week looks beautiful.  Some more beneficial rain could be back with us by first thing Friday morning, but there are still many question marks about the weekend.  I’ll try to sort out the details for you on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


Front reaches TLH by 1PM.  AM clouds give way to a lot of sun.  NICE day.  Jacket weather tonight.


Coolest morning so far?   Wednesday morning could be for some.  CHILLY.  Jacket weather.

More beneficial rain could be back by first thing Friday.  The rest of the weekend weather details are still very much up for debate.

GREAT Weather Wednesday and Thursday.  Cool days.  Jacket nights.  Rain returns by Friday morning.  Still question marks on how the weekend weather details will come together.  Stay tuned.







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