CHRISTMAS DAY UPDATE:  –  Perfect Holiday Forecast – Nice String of Days – Weekend Storm System

Merry Christmas!   I can make this Update rather short, because the news is so good!   We had mid 70’s on Christmas Eve, and we should be near 70 today.  It just doesn’t get nicer.  And, look for a string of days of 70° or above for five days.  The next storm system will affect us by Saturday Night into Sunday.   (not sure id storms will reach Severe limits Sunday morning.  Maybe.)

TODAY & TONIGHT:  Patchy AM fog.  Mostly Sunny.  A PERFECT Christmas Day.  High near 70.  (Yesterday we had 75!)  Low tonight 46.  Winds will be light.  (Normal high 58, normal low 36)  Just a great holiday forecast!   Enjoy!

NEXT FEW DAYS:  We should be 70 or above for the next 5 days!   NICE.  Chance of showers by Saturday afternoon, a better chance Saturday night.  Rain and thunderstorms Wednesday.  Colder Monday.

NEW YEARS EVE:  Timing could change, but at least one important model suggests a New Years Eve storm system, with showers and storms.  Could timing change?  Yes.  Will there be Severe Weather?   We don’t know yet.

CHRISTMAS PAST:  Weather records began in 1872 in Montgomery.  We have NEVER had a White Christmas.  WE’ve had snow falling from the sky, but not with accumulation.  However, some of you had a White Christmas on Christmas 2010.   Look at the map.  Montgomery had a Trace.  That doesn’t count.  But, parts of Elmore, Macon, Lee, Tallaopoosa, Chambers counties had a tiny but.  A White Christmas.  LOOK at north Alabama.  They had a bunch.

Three years ago, we had a toasty 82.  Hottest ever.  And, everybody still talks about Christmas 1983 when we had 5°.  I hated 2012!  Wall to wall tornado coverage on TV for 10 hours.  There were as many as 20 tornadoes in the state.  It was terrifying!

I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.  Bailey is still recovering from major surgery a week ago.  Wee are still waiting for her biopsy results. Maybe there will be a Christmas Miracle.  I hope her appetite returns today.  We’ll see.  We are headed to the Park today, like yesterday.  Sunshine is good medicine.  Thanks for your prayers.


I plan to have a video for you first thing in the morning.


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