Big Temperature Plunge Less than 4 Day Away – THURSDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  Extended Spring-time in January continues.  Mid 70’s yesterday…low 70’s today.  But, are you ready for a big change of wardrobe?  A Weekend Cold front will bring in a round of showers followed by much colder air.  We’ll need jackets Sunday and coats Monday & Tuesday.  How cold?  I’ll show you a sample of some Tuesday morning wind chills.  Is this the start of a major pattern change?  Are we finally sliding into much colder pattern?  I’ll show you some new evidence.



Dense fog advisory early this morning.  Shower threat primarily early in the day, with afternoon improvement.  Low 70’s  Nice Day…

Cold Front brings showers Saturday and maybe a thunderstorm.  Windy and much colder Sunday.  A big change of reality. 

This Cold Air Plunge is coming straight us and is even destined for Florida.

What brand of cold are we talking?  You be the judge.  Here’s a sample of some Tuesday morning Wind Chills.  Hats, Gloves, Coats, Scarves.

Get ready.  Big temperature plunge is now less than 4 days away.  Winter is coming back at us.

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