Dramatic Change Soon – Winter is Returning – FRIDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  A big change is coming soon. A weekend Cold Front will bring showers Saturday, and much colder air Sunday, Sunday Night, and well into next week.  Coats, hats, gloves will be needed soon.

Today will be noticeably cooler than yesterday, with a brisk easterly wind.  The coolest air will be near the Georgia border.  Warmest will be in southwest Alabama.

On this video, I’ll break down the details of the week ahead.   How cold?  How long?  And, what’s next after that.  We’ll look into late January


Today will be noticeably cooler than yesterday.  At least 10 degree cooler with a brisk easterly wind.  This is called a Cool Wedge.


Look at difference between Atlanta’s high of 48 today and Greenville with 65.

The Big Deal Weekend Cold Front brings showers Saturday followed by a windy and dramatically colder Sunday.

Very cold for the MLK holiday.   Highs on Monday and Tuesday will only be in the 40’s   20’s on Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Very cold air will funnel into Alabama for a few days.  This cold air is also destined for Florida.

Coldest morning will be Tuesday morning.  Low 20’s in central Alabama.  Wind chill Tuesday morning, perhaps 10 to 15.

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