Updated Weekend Forecast – FRIDAY VIDEO

Good morning!  Timing is everything.  The storm system which brought rain to the area yesterday and overnight, will exit the state later this morning, just in time for the weekend. Skies will gradually clear by afternoon.  Looks like a mostly quiet weekend is in the cards. But, a Gulf Storm system will brush by the state by late Sunday and that could bring rain back to the area.  On this video, I have updated the details for the week ahead.  And, we’ll peek into early February.  Is there more cold air in our not too distant future.


The front that brought the rain exits early.  Gradual clearing will spread across the state mid day.  Pretty nice Friday.  We’ll tease 60 degrees.

Colder tonight, but we should stay above freezing this time.

Small rain chance daytime Sunday, as a Gulf storm system brushes by the area.  Better chance for scattered showers Sunday night into Monday morning.

No Arctic air next few days.  In fact, low 60’s early next week look pretty good at the end of January.

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