SUNDAY UPDATE:  Showers Return This Week – Very Warm Series of Days

Good morning on this PALM SUNDAY!

A minor disturbance brought clouds and a few sprinkles over night to the southern half of the state. But, expect the sun to make an appearance by lunchtime or there about.

Our week ahead will start out dry & very warm Monday.  But, showers and thunderstorms return to our forecast  this week.  Rain chance varies from day to day.  Our string of 80+ degree days will continue through the week ahead.

But hold the phone.  I have my eyes on a potentially “big deal” Easter Weekend storm system.  And, keep reading.  Jacket weather may be in our future by mid-month.  Could we be headed for a cool snap?

TODAY:   Cloudy this morning.  Then, gradually we’ll see some clearing by mid-day, into the afternoon.  Warm again.  High near 84, which is exactly what we had yesterday in Montgomery.  Mainly clear and mild tonight.  Low 60.

Here’s a snapshot of Future Clouds at 10AM & Noon from the NAM model.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Monday will be like a day in June.  Lots of sun.  High 87.  Showers and thunderstorms are likely Tuesday.  Scattered showers and storms at times Wednesday through Friday.  Continued very warm with highs well up in the 80’s

RAINFALL POTENTIAL:  Through Friday, nothing excessive, but some of us could perhaps see an inch or more of rain.  These are averages.  However, with thunderstorms, some towns could get some locally heavier amounts.  Then.. look for, perhaps, a more significant rainfall potential over Easter Weekend.

NEXT “BIG DEAL” STORM SYSTEM:  A potentially significant storm system, during Easter weekend, has my attention.  The models do not agree on the details.  Here’s a snapshot of early evening Saturday.  It shows a storm system which could produce some strong to severe storms.  We’ll continue to watch it in the week ahead.  This is the EURO model, by the way (ECMWF).

MID MONTH COOL SNAP?:  Don’t put away the jackets yet.  Here’s a peek of the temperature anomaly map for April 15th.  It shows much of the nation below normal to MUCH below normal in spots.  This is not a forecast yet.  This is just a sample of some raw model data.  I’ll keep you posted.  This would definitely be jacket weather if it verifies.

I hope you are staying safe and well!   At least the weather is nice.  My isolation plans for today – I’m going to fire up the grill.  New York strips are on the menu, twice baked potatoes & garden salad.  Steak and music, poolside.  Isolation doesn’t have to suck. ????  Pool is a little cool, but not awful.  Pool temp 76°.

By the way, I bought the steaks at Peppertree Steaks and Wine shop.  They came right to my car.  I ordered the steaks, the twice baked potatoes, and the salad.  Five minutes later they brought it to my car.  No grocery store long lines!  (They are closed Sunday, through)

I will have a Video for you bright and early tomorrow morning, posted by 4:45 AM.    Have a nice Sunday!

I’ll see you in the morning.


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