Nice Weekend – Tolerable Humidity Returns – String of Storm Free Days – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  The humidity has been brutal this week.  But, the front that brought yesterday’s rain has delivered a batch of much more tolerable air.  The humidity will be noticeably lower today.  The forecast for the weekend and beyond continues to improve.  How long will this last?  Plus, I’ll have the Weekend Beach Forecast and a check of something new in the tropics.

What an improvement.  You will FEEL the nicer air today.  It will be much more tolerable!  Enjoy!

String on storm-free days ahead!  Rain chances not quite zero, but very low.

Headed to the Beach this weekend?   This is a GREAT forecast!

The National Hurricane Center has a new “X” on the map.  An area to watch off the coast of South America. That’s stage one of tropical development.

Last week we watched Cristobal go from an Area to Watch to Invest 93-L, to a Depression…and then it got a name.  Tonight on my weather Extra on The Alabama News Network, I’ll talk about these various stages of development.  What do they mean?  Join me at 6 and 10 tonight on CBS 8 and ABC 32 for my Weather Extra.

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