Random Storms Return – Hot Weekend Ahead – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  Alabama will be heating up a little more everyday through Sunday.  In fact, right on cue, the first official weekend of Summer will be rather hot.  Cooling, random showers will be around, but not in great supply.  However, on this video, I’ll tell you about a big pattern change in our not so distant future.  Plus, I have an update on the Beach forecast and we’ll check the tropics.


Spotty random storms may cool off a few lucky towns today.  Most towns will stay dry.  It’s getting hotter.

Showers and storms will be rather scarce through Father’s Day  Sunday, as the temperature gets hotter.  Rain chances will get better by Monday and Tuesday and through much of next week.

Rain chances will dramatically increase next week, as an upper trough of low pressure influences out weather for much of next week.

The tropics will stay quiet for the next few days.

Saharan dust will continue to stifle tropical development in the tropical Atlantic and into the Caribbean.

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