Hotter Days Ahead – Summer Begins Saturday – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  It’s a rather routine June forecast today.  The chances of seeing showers are remote but not zero.  Get ready for a series of hotter days, as Spring comes to an end and Summer officially begins.  What about the prospects for rain?  I have updated the weekend details for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  The tropics have been rather quiet lately.  Why is that?  I’ll show you what’s up.


Routine June day.   Mainly dry.  Rain chance, not zero, but under 20%.

Hotter days!  Rain chance sparce until about Monday.  Rain chances get better next week.

Upper High Pressure Ridge builds by Saturday and Sunday.  Mid 90’s.

Great weekend Beach forecast.

There are two “X’s” on the map from NHC.  Both disturbances given a zero chance of development.

Lots of Saharan Dust has stifled tropical development through the tropical Atlantic.

Summer officially begins Saturday.  The Summer Solstice.

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