Numerous Thunderstorms Will Plague the Holiday Weekend Forecast – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  No surprises today.  This very warm & muggy atmosphere is primed for more storms, especially this afternoon and this evening.  It’s looking more and more like the Fourth of July holiday weekend will be turbulent at times.  Numerous showers & storms will be around each day for here and the Gulf coast.  Be flexible with your plans.  There will be tropical downpours at times.  Of course, it won’t rain all the time.  There will be many dry hours, too.  But, total rainfall amounts over the weekend could be significant.  I have updated the daily rain chance through Tuesday.  Plus, I’ll show you which areas could see the most rain.  Will there be some tropical development?

Hot, muggy, with scattered storms today.

According to the Storm Prediction Center Mississippi and SW Alabama could see the most concentrated storms today.

Be flexible with your plans over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  Numerous showers and thunderstorms.  Tropical Downpour.  Watch out for lightning.  Lightning deaths peak on the Fourth of July.

It’s not going to rain all the time, but the holiday weekend Beach Forecast is far from ideal.  Numerous showers and storms.

Rainfall amounts could be significant.  Especially across the southern half of Alabama and on the coast.

Could there be some tropical development near the Gulf Coast this weekend..and then into the Atlantic.  It’s possible.

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