More Tropical Downpours Today – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Make no mistake about it.  There will be more slow-moving tropical downpours roaming around today, like yesterday.  Some towns will get much more rain than other towns.  Tomorrow will be much the same.  Storms will be widespread, particularly in the afternoon and evening.  By late week, however, storms will start to thin out in number as the temperature and the heat index soar again.  I have updated the rain chance through the rest of the week and for the weekend.  I’ll also update you on the tropics.


A stalled front through central Alabama, with waves of low pressure moving along the front will set the stage for another day of numerous storms with slow moving tropical downpours.

Storms will be numerous again Wednesday.  But, the storms will start to thin out in number Thursday.

Hotter days are on the way, as the upper high pressure ridge expands eastward Friday & Saturday.  We’ll be close to the danger range on the heat index Saturday.

Storms will thin out a bit in number Thursday through Sunday.  The heat returns.  Triple digits on the heat index Friday through Sunday.

That low in western Georgia could very well have a tropical future once it migrates to the Atlantic.  Invest 98-L now has a medium chance of development.   Could eventually become a depression or even Tropical Storm Fay.

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