More Storms Today – Fewer Storms Late Week – Heat Builds This Weekend – WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Rinse and repeat… Today will be another day with widespread showers and storms.  There will be locally heavy downpours again.  But, our pattern will be evolving.  Storms will thin out in coverage Thursday, Friday and over the weekend.  Meanwhile, fewer showers means more sun and our will build.  We are headed for potentially dangerous heat indices over the weekend.  I have adjusted the daily rain chance for here and the Gulf coast beaches.  We’ll check the tropics including Invest 98-L.



One again today…at atmosphere is primed for action.  Showers and storms will be numerous, again…just like the last three days.

Numerous but random showers and storms.  Local tropical downpours.

Storms will thin out in number late week and into the weekend as intense heat expands eastward into Alabama.

Fewer storms and hotter days ahead.

Heat index near the 105 danger range this weekend.

Invest 98-L over the Carolinas could become a Depression over the Atlantic and eventually, perhaps, Tropical Storm Fay.

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