SATURDAY UPDATE:  Hot Weekend – Excessive Humidity & Storms on Sunday


Good morning!  There is somewhat better news for today, in that the humidity will not be as high as yesterday.  So, no heat advisory today, and radar should be quiet.  No storms.

All of that will change on Sunday, though.  The humidity will make a big comeback and there could be a few strong to severe storms in the afternoon & evening.  The heat index will rise above the 105 danger level again.

No doubt about it, the week ahead will be very hot and we’ll be close to Heat Advisory criteria for much of the week. Scattered storms.

TODAY:   A good bit of sunshine.  Not as humid as Friday, but still hot.  High in the mid 90’s.  The heat index may stay below 100.  Most towns will be dry today and tonight.  Low tonight 71.

SUNDAY:  Hot and humid again.  High 97.  Heat index above the 105 danger range.  Scattered thunderstorms will develop.  A Few storms could reach severe limits with damaging wind gusts possible.  Our weather app will alert you to any warnings.  There is a Marginal Severe Risk, roughly from about Noon to 8PM.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Hot week ahead.  Highs well up in the 90’s.  The heat index could be above 105 most days.  A heat advisory is possible.  Scattered thunderstorms will cool down a few lucky towns.

BEACH FORECAST:  Pretty typical July weekend Beach forecast.  Highs in the upper 80’s to near 90.  Widely scattered storms.  Low rip current risk today and tomorrow.

TROPICS:  Post Tropical Cyclone Fay is located not too far from Albany, NY. Moving north at 17, causing heavy rain in the northeast.  The rest of the tropics are quiet.

I will have another Blog update tomorrow morning.  Follow me on Twitter:  @RichThomasWX.   Stay safe and well.


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