More Heat, Humidity, Random Storms – The Tropics are Coming Alive – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Each day has been amazingly similar.  For the three days in a row Montgomery reached 97, with a heat index of 105 or 106.  Today, we’ll do it again.  Showers & storms were a little more numerous yesterday.  That trend will continue.  Random storms will be in slightly better supply today and tomorrow.  What about the rest of the week and the weekend?  I have adjusted the daily rain chance.  Any signs of heat relief?  The Tropics are really starting to blossom.  I’ll update you on two Invest systems and one Area to Watch.  Will they impact us?


Relentless Heat & Humidity continues.  We’ll be near the 105 Heat Index danger level.  Scattered storms.

Hopefully, we will see a few extra storms on the radar this afternoon.  They will be random.

Very little day to day change.  Heat, Humidity, Triple digit heat index.  Scattered storms could be a little more numerous by Friday and the weekend.

Tropics are getting more active.  Invest 99-L in the far east Tropical Atlantic has a 40% chance of development.

Invest 90-L has come shore in Texas.  The Area to Watch approaching the Florida straights has a 30% chance of Tropical Cyclone development in the next 5 days.

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