Tropics Getting Busy – Improving Rain Chance By The Weekend? – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning! After a few quite weeks, things have become very active in the tropics, as we monitor a system in the Gulf of Mexico, and another one approaching the Caribbean Islands, which could become a Hurricane today. I have the latest from the National Hurricane Center. Our intense heat and humidity continues, with more scattered storms. But, the odds of encountering a random storm may get a little better by the weekend. I have updated the rain chance for here and the Gulf Coast.


More heat and humidity and random PM storms today….

Your odds of encountering one of those Random Storms will get just a little better over the upcoming weekend.

The Gukf is rather turbulent, and that will translate into higher than normal rain chances this weekend down at the coast.

This year’s hurricane season got off with a bang!   We got to the E and F storms earlier than any year in history.

Now, this week, things are getting very active again.  Why is that?  What clues do we have that the rest of the season could be very busy indeed?  I’ll address that on my weather extra tonight at 6 & 10PM  on CBS 8 and ABC 32, the Alabama News Network.  Join me for my weather extra tonight.

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