Scattered Weekend Storms – Tracking The Busy Tropics – FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our rain chances will be getting a little better over the weekend.  Your odds of encountering one of those random storms is improving.  But, don’t look for a cooling trend.  The relentless summer heat will continue for the next few days.  Meanwhile, We’re tracking Tropical Storm Hanna in the Gulf, and in the Atlantic, Gonzalo could reach hurricane status today as it heads for the Islands. Plus, a new system is emerging off the African, coast.  I have the latest from the busy tropics.


As Hanna, in the Gulf heads toward Texas,  expect another day of intense heat and random scattered storms.

That intense heat dome Ridge of High Pressure across the South, will undergo a little “weakness” over the weekend.  That will hope promote better coverage in the number of afternoon storms.

Better odds, this weekend, that you will encounter one of those random afternoon & evening storms.  Meanwhile, the relentless heat continues.

The turbulent Gulf will lead to better Beach rain chances over the weekend.  It won’t rain all the time, but be flexible.

Busy in the tropics with Hanna in the Gulf, Gonzalo could become a hurricane today in  the Tropical Atlantic and there’s a new Area to Watch coming off Africa.



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