Scattered Storms Returning – Tropics Becoming Active Again – MONDAY Video

Good Morning!   After a storm-free Sunday, there will be a few storms on the radar this afternoon.  And, the rain chances will improve as the week rolls on.  Storms will be rather numerous again by mid-week.  Meanwhile, the tropics are starting to get interesting again.  In particular, we’ll be watching the future of Invest 97-L closely.  It could have Gulf of Mexico implications in a few days.

Hot day.  Goof bit of sun.  An isolated storm is possible.

Widely scattered storms will be roaming around this afternoon, after one storm-free day yesterday.

Notice how the rain chances get better and better as the week unfolds.  Storms could be rather numerous by Thursday and Friday.

Two systems NHC is monitoring.  An Area to Watch off the African coast has a 60% chance of development in the next 5 days.  Invest 97-L  has a 50/50 chance in the next 5 days.  It is a system we’ll be watching very closely for potential interaction with the United States in a few days.  The next two names on the list are Laura and Marco.

Here’s the GFS Ensemble models showing that Invest 97-L could have future implications for the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps next week.  Who  knows.  We’ll see…

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