Comfortable Last Day of Summer – Watching Beta’s Future Track by Late Week – MONDAY Video

Welcome to the last day of summer.  Fall officially begins Tuesday morning.  The first couple of days of this week will be cool, comfortable and dry.  Meanwhile, we continue to monitor the future of Tropical Storm Beta in the western Gulf.  Model trends shows Beta migrating towards us later in the week.  That could bring some tropical downpours to the state by Wednesday evening, through the end of the week, and possibly part of the weekend.  What else are we tracking in the tropics?  Is there anything which could be a threat to the United States?

Pleasantly cool air is in place on this last day of summer. Breezy, comfortable and dry.

Nice Day today
Great First day of Fall tomorrow. Tropical moisture from Beta will begin to effect us by Wednesday night through Thursday and Friday. Tropical downpours.

Tropical Storm BETA will tease the Texas and LA coasts for the next few days, before turning northeastward toward the Mississippi river, probably as a Tropical Depression.

TEDDY is the BIG BOY on the map. An Extremely dangerous hurricane which will be affecting the Canadian Maritime providences.

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