FRIDAY Update: Perfect First Weekend of October – Comfortable Days – Pleasantly Cool Jacket Weather Nights


TD 25 now has a name. Hello Tropical Storm Gamma. The Future Gulf of Mexico Storm, it’s nothing to worry about right away. But, what about Gamma’s extended future in the Gulf of Mexico? While models disagree, the ultimate possibilities are potentially disturbing. Stay tuned.

Special Update: Tropical Depression 25 Forms – It Will Become Tropical Storm Gamma in the Gulf

(10:00AM 10/2/20)

In October, we always take special interest when a tropical system aims for the Gulf. History reminds us that Southwestern Gulf Storms have been a problem in the past. Tropical Depression 25 has formed off the coast of the Yucatan about 30 miles SE of Cozumel. It’s moving NW at 9, and is expected to become a Tropical Storm by tomorrow. The next name on the list is Gamma. Tropical Storm Warning for the Yucatan coast. It’s bound for the SW Gulf over the next few days, but it’s ultimate destination, beyond 1 week, intensity and timing are simply not known. Stay tuned. Sunday is the anniversary of Hurricane Opal, another system with a similar scenario in 1995. Air Force Recon is scheduled to investigate the Depression later today.


   Good morning!  The latest surge of cooler air has overspread reached the Gulf Coast.  The stage is set for just a text book perfect weekend, the kind we dream about all summer long.  Get ready for comfortable days with low humidity and pleasantly cool jacket-nights.  The really nice pattern is locked in for several days. 

    I am a little concerned about that activity in the Caribbean.  Invest 91-L and that other Area to Watch. I’m concerned only because of all the unknowns.  This activity will end up in the Gulf. But, then what? 

Today, cool air dominates most of the central and eastern half of the nation…all but south Florida.

TODAY:  Total sunshine.  Cool.  Comfortable.  North wind 10 to 15 and gusty.  Gusts as high as 25 mph.  High in lower 70’s.  Clear skies, chilly tonight.  Jacket weather.  Low in the upper 40’s.  

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Text-book perfect weekend.  Total sunshine.  Comfortable days.  Pleasantly cool, jacket-weather nights.  Nice weather for several days. 

TROPICAL OUTLOOK:  As we look at Invest 91-L near the Yucatan and the Area to Watch in the Caribbean, the two most concerning things to me are the unknowns. We don’t know…there’s no definitive clue where these systems will end up once they get into the Gulf of Mexico..

91-L is first up.  It will get the name Gamma.  The GFS favors a left turn toward Texas.  The highly respected Euro likes the northern Gulf coast idea.  As you can see below, the models are all over the place.

And, then the next one will be Delta.  Stay tuned. 

BEACH OUTLOOK:  I realize there are still a few areas on the coast where visitors are still not welcome due to the Sally damage, however, the WEATHER this weekend will be as good as it possibly gets.  Just perfect.

I will have a blog update for you tomorrow and Sunday morning. The next video will be Monday.  (A video was just not possible this morning.  Bear with me.)  Have a great day, and a nice weekend.


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