Cooler, Comfortable – Then Much Cooler By The Weekend – TUESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  The news is good.  We have a nice series of days ahead.  Cold front number one, moving through this morning is a dry front.  Stage one of this week’s cooler air settles in tonight.  Cold Front number two arrives early Friday.  It will deliver the coolest air of the Fall season so far, just in time for the weekend.  It’s also a dry front.  In the Tropics we another Invest to talk about.  I’ll show you where the models take Invest 93-L.  

Dry front number one today. Nice day. Much cooler tonight.

The second Cold Front this week is a bigger deal. It has some much cooler air.

Two stages of cooler this week. TWO dry cool fronts. The second one which arrives Friday AM will deliver the coolest air of the Fall Season yet. Nice series of days.

Two Chilly mornings…Saturday and Sunday.

Do we have anything to watch in the Tropics? Of course we do. This one now has a number. Say hello to Invest 93-L.

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