WEDNESDAY Update: Great String of Storm-free Days – Nice Fall Air Arrives Soon

   Good morning!  The news I have for you is very good. We are in the cool 50’s this morning.  We have a great string of nice days ahead.  Today will be not quite as warm as yesterday.  Low humidity and sunshine should make for another great day.  We’ll be back to the upper 50’s tonight. 

    But, the news is only going to get better.  The second, most significant cool front arrives by Friday morning.  It will deliver the nicest air of the Fall season so far, just in time for the weekend.  You’re going to LOVE this forecast.

TODAY:  Sunshine.  Low humidity.  Not as warm.  High in the low to mid 80’s.  Clear skies, comfortably cool tonight.  Low in the upper 50’s. 

NEXT FEW DAYS:    Thursday will be a little warmer again. We’ll be into the mid 80’s.  But, get ready for Cold Front number two.  Friday and Saturday’s high will be in the lower 70’s.  Low will be in the 40’s on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Should be a perfect weekend.

Cool front should be arriving as a dry front on Friday morning.  It will have the nicest air of the season.

Check out the morning lows on Saturday and Sunday morning. 

TROPICAL OUTLOOK:   Invest 93-L is in a very hostile environment right now.  It doesn’t have much chance of a bright future according to the National Hurricane Center. 

Many computer model runs are not very bullish on the future of 93-L.

We are not done with Hurricane Season yet.  Some of the long range models are hinting at another possible US threat before this month is over.  We’ll see.

I should be back to a normal schedule tomorrow morning.  (A video was just not possible this morning.  Bear with me.)  Have a great day. I’m going to try and get some rest.


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