Weekend Warming Trend – Still Dry For Now – Thanksgiving Week Storm System

Happy Friday!   The news is very good for the weekend ahead.  A warming trend is underway.  Not only are the days warmer, the chilly nights are getting milder.  The dry storm-free will continue for a few more days, but we’re watching the evolution of a Thanksgiving Week storm system.  I have the latest on details and timing.  I have an update on the holiday forecast.

Nice day today. Warming trend continues. Not nearly as cold tonight.

Great weekend warming trend. Still storm-free for a few more days. Chance of rain by late Tuesday night. Showers and thunderstorms likely Wednesday.

Still too early to say if the Wednesday storm system will produce a Severe Weather Threat for Alabama. ‘Tis the season for that. It is a bit slower on the model trends today. If it slows down further, I’ll have to modify the Thanksgiving outlook.

On the current timing of the storm system, the front should move through SE Alabama by Thanksgiving morning. I’ll leave in a 20% chance of showers early, and some clouds, followed by sunshine.

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