SATURDAY UPDATE: Warm & Dry For Now – Thanksgiving Week Storm System

 Good Morning!   The news is good for the weekend.  It should be very comfortable for outdoor activities.  The Big Chill of the week has faded and retreated.  We’ll be well into the 70’s Today and Sunday.

    A weak cool front will cool us down a few degrees, briefly on Monday.  It will be a dry front. 

   The next big deal is that mid-week storm system.  Showers and storms are quite likely on Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve.  .The system has slowed down a bit.  I’ll leave a small rain chance in during the first part of the day Thanksgiving.

TODAY:   Really nice.  Hard to improve on.  There will be more sun than clouds.  Warm for November.  High 77.  (Normal hi/lo 68/43).  Partly cloudy, not as cool tonight,  Low 54. 

Yesterday’s high was 76.  Here’s highs across the area today.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   The comfortable, storm-free pattern continues through Tuesday.  Showers and thunderstorms become likely Wednesday and Wednesday night.  Thanksgiving will be quite comfortable, with a chance of leftover showers first half of the day. 

That mid-week storm system will be quite formidable, effecting holiday travel from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.  Here’s a snapshot of the EURO model Wednesday and 3PM. Right now, it’s not clear if this system will bring a severe weather threat to Alabama. We’ll be watching it closely. ‘Tis the season for severe weather here in the Deep South.

Here’s Thanksgiving at 9AM.  The front still hasn’t made it all the way through the state.  I’ll keep in a small rain chance in through mid-day Thursday.  Highs in the 70’s will be nice.

HISTORIC NOVEMBER?:  Right now, we are on pace for perhaps the driest November in Montgomery history.  Records began in 1872.  We have only had .05” so far.  Of course, we are expecting rain mid-week and again on Iron Bowl weekend.  We’ll talk more about that Iron Bowl weekend forecast later when details become clearer.

TROPICS:  Thankfully, right now, there is only one Area to Watch in the Atlantic, with only a small chance of development in the next 5 days.  We are 9 days away from the official end of the season.


I hope you enjoy this very comfortable late November. I’ll have another Blog update early tomorrow morning.  Stay safe and warm.


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