Warming Trend Ahead – Showers Return – Next Arctic Shot May Miss us

Good Morning!  Today won’t be as quite as chilly as the last two days. We’ll actually climb close to ”normal” for early February.  Changes are on the way.  We’ll be in the 60’s Thursday.  Showers return Thursday night/Friday.  Cooler air Saturday, and then colder air for Sunday and Monday.  We will sample some Arctic air, but this time the heart of the Arctic Air will miss Alabama.  Looks like we may only get sideswiped this next time.

Today will be a little bit warmer. Not as chilly. Not as windy. Another freeze tonight.

Showers return Thursday night and first half of the day Friday. More showers return Saturday evening.

Some extremely COLD Arctic air will be entering the country. However, this time, the coldest air is not heading straight for us. We’ll sample the cold air, though late Sunday, Sunday night and Monday.

Mild Thursday. Showers Thursday night and Friday AM. More showers Saturday night. Colder Sunday and Monday.

MORE Arctic air will be heading our way by mid month.

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