Spring-Like Warmth – Extended Storm-free Pattern –TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!   March is our wettest month.  March is a severe weather month.  But, through at least the next 5 days, our Spring-like/Storm-free pattern will continue.  We’re stuck in  a pattern, but it’s a nice pattern to be stuck in.  We’ll eventually have to pay a price.  But, in the meantime, enjoy this major warming trend underway.  On this video, I’ll show how next week will be very different.  Much more active & wet.

Today will be amazing. The morning chill will fade quickly. We’re headed for the mid 70’s. In March, here in Alabama, it rarely gets better than this.

A large ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere will keep storm systems at bay for several days.

The amazing Spring-like/Storm-free pattern rolls on for several days.

Just an amazing period of time through Saturday. Not a drop of rain. March is our wettest month.

Next week will be very active. Too early to say if it will be severe.

Next week, rainfall could be excessive.

Uh oh. Don’t look now, but Pollen Season is upon us. Pollen count will be high late week.

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