Extended Warm & Dry Pattern Rolls on – Wet Next Week –WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  It has been more than a week since we’ve had rain, dry pattern will continue for a few more days.  Meanwhile,  the significant Spring-like warming trend will be stay place at least through the weekend.  On this video, We’ll look ahead to what appears to be a much wetter pattern next week.  I’ll update the Weekend forecast for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  Plus, I’ll show you the latest Drought Monitor map.  We need some rain.

The Big Upper Level High will continue to promote warmer days and dry days. We’re headed for the upper 70’s today. Nights are not a cool.

It’s been more than a week since it has rained. The new Drought Monitor may shows an increase of slight to moderate drought starting to spread out, especially west of I-65 and south of US 80. we need some rain.

The warm dry days continue at least through Saturday. The risk of showers starts to return Sunday and Sunday night and a better chance Monday.

Short term, through Saturday…Alabama stays dry. Next week looks much wetter.

Spring Breakers have had a good week so far. Forecast continues to look good on the Coast for a few more days. It’s a few degrees cooler down there because of the onshore wind off the 69 degree Gulf Waters.

It’s still winter for 10 more days…BUT, the Pollen issue is starting to rear it’s ugly head. It will be in the high range Thursday through Saturday.

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