FRIDAY Update: Warm Last Weekend of March – More Storms Sunday

Good Morning… Alabama is picking up the pieces this morning after a day and night of violent tornadoes.

    I was up very late.  I have a brief blog update for you this morning.  We have a very warm forecast for the last weekend of March.  Showers will be around at times.  More storms arrive Sunday, and we have yet another threat for severe weather.

TODAY:  Another warm day.  High 78.  Most cloudy.  Another risk of scattered showers and possibly some thunderstorms today. (40%)  Not severe.  Low tonight 67.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Very warm Saturday.  Mid 80’s.  Spotty showers.  Showers and storms become likely Sunday.  Risk of showers Monday through Wednesday.  Continued warm.


Saturday parts of north Alabama are in a Marginal Severe Risk.  Don’t look now but we are looking at a growing severe weather threat Sunday.

As of now, much of the state is in a Level 1 Marginal Severe Weather risk.  We’ll know more tomorrow.

HISTORIC DESTRUCTIVE TORNADOES THURSDAY:  There will be more Tornado Surveys over the next few days, after a series of large,  violent long-tracked tornadoes across Alabama and surrounding states.  There were 24 tornado reports, and so far at least 8 confirmed tornadoes in our state.  At least five people lost their lives.  Damage was severe in multiple counties.  These numbers will change.  It was an epic, historic tornado day, just 8 days after a significant outbreak on March 17th

Here’s a massive tornado approaching Greensboro yesterday.

I’ll have another Blog update in tomorrow morning.  Enjoy and much quieter day today.  Forgive me for the short update.  I’ve had about three hours of sleep.


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