Heating Up Next Several Days – High and Dry for Days – WEDNESDAY Video

    Good Morning!  Do you like Summer?  Get ready.  It’s only May, but we are about to get quite an early summer preview. We have a Heat Dome raked over us and it’s only getting stronger. We’re locked into a pattern which will take us through the weekend and probably all of the next week.  That also means rain chances are just about nil.   Time to get out the garden hose.  On this video, I’ll look deep into the future for any signs of changes.  Plus, we’ll at which days could break a record.  I have the updated weekend Beach Forecast, too.

Just like June today. Upper 80’s. We’ll see those big white cotton ball cumulus clouds, but no rain. Nice breeze again..

The massive upper level high pressure heat dome will only get stronger next few days.

It’s May but it will feel like June. Hotter and extended dry pattern.

Will we tease any records next week?

Unfortunately, temperatures are not the only thing on the rise. Look at the dewpoints next few days. We don’t like it when the dewpoint is above 60…but potential mid 60’s this weekend certainly gets our attention.

Get out the garden hose.

GREAT Beach Forecast, weatherwise, BUT be careful. Dangerous Rip Current.

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