May Heatwave Building – Sizzling Weekend – THURSDAY Video

    Good Morning!  We continue to “ease” into an early Pre-Summer Extended Heatwave.  We’ll be into the 90’s this weekend and perhaps Record High Territory by early next week.  The nice thing last couple of days has been that East and Southeast breeze.  Don’t bet on any rain for several days.  Time to get out the garden hose.  How hot will we get?  I have updated the numbers for here and the Beaches.  Plus, could we see the first named Tropical Storm of the season today?  It’s early in the ball game for that. 

That nice breeze will be back today! Hot day for May. Dry.

Massive upper heat wave high will dominate for the next several days. Hot and dry.

Getting hotter and hotter this weekend and through early next week with No Rain.

Great weather down on the coast this weekend…but BE CAREFULL. Dangerous Rip Current Risk continues.

Get out the garden hose. No rain for the next several days.

Record highs will be in jeopardy early next week.

Uh oh. Don’t look now, but we’ve got very early tropical stuff in the Atlantic. Invest 90-L could become Tropical Storm Ana very soon. TOO early for that.

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