Getting Hotter & Hotter – Dry For Several Days – FRIDAY Video

 Happy Friday!  We are stuck in a pattern which is likely to last for several more days, at least through next week, if not longer.  As we continue to get hotter each day, we may be headed for record territory in a few days.  The biggest problem with this pattern is – NO RAIN.  It’s going to be dry as a bone for several days.  Time to get out the garden hose.  Meanwhile, the tropics are starting to come alive, 10 days before the official start of the season.  I’ll bring you up to date on Invest 90 and now, Invest 91 in the Gulf.  I’ve updated the details and the numbers for here and the Gulf Coast.

Will we reach 90 today? We’ll be in the neighborhood. That nice breeze will be back.

That huge Heat Wave Upper High will dominate our forecast for several more days. It acts as a protective dome, with storm systems staying at bay.

Hotter and hotter. Dry for several more days,

This map is amazing. NO RAIN for several more days, while day after day, places like Louisiana and Texas get too much rain. Stuck in a pattern.

Will we tie or break a record next week? We’ll be in the neighborhood.

The weather at the coast this weekend will be nice. BUT, the High Rip Current Risk, unfortunately continues. DANGEROUS.

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