WEDNESDAY Video: Risk of Scattered Showers & Storms Returning

 Good Morning!  It’s feeling more like summer every day.  We need some rain.  The risk of showers and storms is returning the forecast over the next several days.   Unfortunately, some parts of the state will see a good bit of rain, while other areas won’t see a lot.  Today the rain chances are small for most of us.  On this video, I’ll show you which days have the best rain chances, and how much rain could fall.  Some towns will be disappointed, especially across the southeast counties. West and northwest Alabama could see quite a bit.  I also have the updated Beach Forecast for the weekend.

Today the best rain chance will be across the northwest half of the state. By the time you get into central Alabama, the rain chance will be relatively small.

A few stronger storms are possible across NW Alabama today and across NE Alabama tomorrow. Marginal Severe Risk.

There will be a battle going on in the atmosphere over the next several days, between a strong trough in the nation’s mid section and a high pressure ridge off the southeast coast. The point is, the most active weather will affect western and NW Alabama, and not as much in SE Alabama.

So, western and northwest Alabama could see some decent rainfall amounts over the next several days, but I think there will be a lot of towns in southeast Alabama which could be very disappointed.

So, the mention of showers is in the forecast each day through the weekend, but the showers & storms will be spotty. Best rain chance of Sunday and Monday. Increasing humidity next few days.

Scattered showers and storms will affect the Beaches this weekend. Best chance Sunday.

The tropics are quiet for now.

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