Better Rain Chance Today – “Up and Down” Weekend Rain Chance – THURSDAY Video

 Good Morning!  Rain chances will be better today, thanks to a frontal system moving into the state.  There will be more showers and storms to go around.  But, the rain chances will vacillate over the weekend.  Fewer storms Friday and Saturday, with a better chance of rain Sunday and Monday.  “Up and down” rain chances.  Meanwhile, humidity has been increasing and we are locked into a very summer like pattern, more than two weeks from the official first day of summer.  I’ll update the weekend details for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches, and we’ll check out the tropics.

No doubt it. Radar will be more active today, as a frontal system enters the state. There will be more showers and storms to go around, especially this afternoon & this evening. More humid.

Radar will be more active today and particularly this evening. A few strong potentially Severe Storms, especially in east central and northeast Alabama.

The front will start to fall apart Friday and Saturday. Fewer showers and storms will be around.

“Up and Down” rain chances next few days. Relatively high today and tonight. Fewer storms Friday and Saturday. Better rain chance Sunday and Monday

Scattered showers and storms will be roaming around down at the Beach this weekend. Low rip current risk listed.

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