Random Weekend Storms – Summer-like Pattern – FRIDAY Video

 Good Morning!  Random storms will dot the radar screen today & Saturday.  It will be “feast or famine”.  Some towns may see some heavy downpours.  Other towns will stay completely dry.  Rain chances get better by Sunday through Tuesday.  There will be more storms to go around each day.  This summer-like pattern will stick around well into next week.  I have updated the daily rain chances for here and the Coast.   Plus, what’s going on in the tropics?  I have the very latest. 

Not as many storms on radar today…BUT, some towns may see a NICE downpour. Other towns stay “bone dry” Good luck! Very humid today.

Pretty standard summer-like pattern through Saturday. The probability of you encountering a shower or storm gets a little better Sunday through early next week.

It won’t rain all the time, but there will be scattered storms around down at the coast this weekend. There willbe many dry hours. Storms will be random.

Things are quiet in the tropics right now. But over the next 10 days or so, we’ll be watching the western Caribbean and southern Gulf. Stay tuned.

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