Heat, Humidity Storms Today – Watching The Gulf This Week – MONDAY Video


No surprise here. The NWS has introduced a Marginal Severe Weather Risk for much of central & south Alabama for today and into this evening. Southward moving front will encounter some very hot & humid air. Highs in the mid 90’s Dewpoints in the mid 70’s. Big Heat produces Big Storms. Damaging wind gusts will be the main threat. The threat will diminish after sunset.


 Good Morning!  There’s much to talk about.  Today, high in the mid 90’s & triple digit heat indices.  Big heat can lead to big storms.  As a frontal system moves south through the state, scattered thunderstorms could on quite a show.  Then, look for big improvements in our weather as the humidity comes down to more tolerable levels Tuesday through Thursday.  But, all eyes on the Gulf of Mexico.  We’re watching Invest 92-L.  Will be a tropical depression late in the week, or perhaps Tropical Storm Bill…and HOW could it affect Alabama.  We’ll address some interesting questions on today’s video.  Somebody is going to see a lot of rain on the wet east side of this system.   

That southward moving front, along with plenty of heat and crazy humidity will set the stage for scattered strong storms today. Some may put on a show. Big heat produces big storms. Triple digit heat index today. High today 95. Lows tonight 75.

Things become more tolerable Tuesday through Thursday. Highs near 90, but the humidity will be much more tolerable behind the front.

Watching Invest 92-L in the Gulf. Will it become a Depression or Tropical Storm Bill Late in the week? Then who will it affect?

Some of the credible global models take it toward the upper Texas Coast or Louisiana late week. The EURO gives this system a 50 to 60% chance of becoming Tropical Storm Bill.

Then, who will get the heaviest rain on the east side of the system this weekend? It depends on which model you believe. Stay tuned. We MIGHT get a bunch of rain from this system. Too early to say.

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