Tropical Trouble in the Gulf – Possible Impact on Alabama – TUESDAY Video

 Good Morning!  The news in the short term is getting better.  The front which brought the strong storms yesterday has moved into south Alabama.  We should be dry for a couple of days.  The humidity will be somewhat better today, with further improvement tonight and Wednesday.  Wednesday and Thursday will still be HOT, but the humidity will be noticeably more tolerable.  Now, lets talk about Invest 92-L in the southwest Gulf.  It’s likely to become a Depression and probably a tropical storm by the end of the week as it aims for the northern Gulf coast.  As you will see on today’s video, this system could have a big impact of Alabama’s weather over the Father’s Day weekend.  How much of an impact…and what is the timeline?  I’ll bring you up to date on the very latest on the system that could become Claudette.

The front that brought the storms yesterday is moving into south Alabama toward the coast. Today the humidity will not be quite as awful as yesterday. Tonight will feel better. Best rain chance near the coast today

Wednesday and Thursday will be hot but the humidity will be more tolerable. Friday will be more humid with spotty storms. Then, the rain chances increase this weekend as we deal with the tropics

We will just focus on Invest 92-L in the Gulf. There’s a decent chance this system will become a Tropical Depression and then a Tropical storm in the northwest Gulf as it aims of the the northern Gulf

The EURO model gives this system a 60-70% chance of becoming Tropical Storm Claudette.

It could track right through Alabama Sunday Night in through Monday.

Obviously that could mean a significant amount of tropical rainfall totals for parts of Alabama.

Elsewhere, the tropics are getting busy.

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