Elsa Will Not Impact Alabama – Numerous Random Storms Next Few Days – TUESDAY Video

4PM NHC UPDATE: Elsa remains a Tropical Storm with 70 mph winds, nearing Hurricane strength. Located 155 SSW of Tampa moving north at 10. Elsa expected to make to parallel the Florida west coast and make landfall in the Big Bend area early Wed. Hurricane warning still covers Tampa Bay

1PM Breaking News: Special NHC 2PM Elsa Advisory.

Elsa nearing Hurricane strength. Winds 70 mph, 180 miles south of Tampa, moving North at 9. Hurricane Warning issued for the Florida West Coast, including Tampa Bay. #ELSA

NHC 10AM: Elsa is battering the Keys with 60 mph winds. The center of Elsa is 215 south of Tampa moving NNW at 12. Slow strengthening is expected. Elsa could be near hurricane strength when the center moves near or over the Florida west coast later today or tonight. Hurricane Watch from about Tampa Bay through the Big Bend area.


 Good Morning!   Tropical Storm Elsa will move along the west coast of Florida today and tomorrow. All the Big Weather with tiny Elsa will be on the east side of the storm.  Today’s showers and storms in Alabama have nothing to do with Elsa.  Our tropical airmass will be place for the rest of the week and through the weekend.  Random showers and storms will be roaming around each day, but they will be most numerous today through Friday.  On this video, I have the updated rain chance through Sunday.  We’ll track Elsa through the Southeast and Eastern US.  And, we’ll check the rest of the tropics to see if any other threats are lurking.

Tropical Storm Elsa is moving through the Keys this morning and will impact much of Florida today as the storm moves northward along or just off the west coast of Florida. Hurricane Watch issued for west central Florida coast through the Big Bend area. Elsa could be near Hurricane strength when it makes landfall early Wednesday. Then, the storm will impact much of the southeast and eastern US for the rest of the week.

Our showers and storms today are not associated with Elsa. Showers and storms will be widespread today & well into tonight.

Random Showers and Storms will be in ample supply each day through Friday. There won’t be quite as many “hit or miss” storms over the weekend.

Right now, Elsa is the only show in the Tropics. However, the Euro model suggests we should watch the Tropical Atlantic.

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