More Random Storms Today – Elsa Made Florida Landfall – WEDNESDAY Video

10AM UPDATE : Elsa is inland in the Florida Big Bend with 65 mph winds. Came ashore near Bonita Beach, south of Perry. Moving north at 14 mph, curving NE into SE Georgia. Tropical Storm Warning along the Georgia/SC coast. Tropical Storm Watch through the Mid Atlantic states.


 Good Morning!  Our better than normal rain chance continues today and tomorrow.  Our storms have nothing to do with Elsa.  Elsa will make Florida landfall early today, and move across parts of Georgia, the Carolinas and then the middle Atlantic coast.  For us, the number of storms will start to “thin out” by the weekend.  The heat will build and triple digit heat indices may be in our future.  A real taste of summertime in Alabama this weekend.  I have updated the details for there and the Gulf Coast beaches through the weekend.

Once again today, the radar will be busy. Showers and storms will be in ample supply.

Elsa is a 65 mph Tropical Storm, paralleling the Florida West Coast, moving north at 10. Landfall on the NE Florida coast in the Big Bend region by late this morning, then into Georgia and the Carolinas and into the middle Atlantic states through Thursday.

The better than normal rain chance continues Thursday. But Friday and over the weekend, the trend will be for fewer Random Storms and hotter days. The Heat Index will be near or above 100.

Once again this weekend, the risk of thunderstorms will be higher than normal down on the coast. But, not quite as bad as last weekend…which was awful.

Besides ELSA, I’m happy to say there are no other X’s on the map in the tropics right now.

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