Hot & Humid Weekend – Spotty Random Storms – FRIDAY Video

 Good Morning!  Radar has been “busy” most of this week.  There has been a wealth of showers and storms.  More than a typical summer day.  But, over the weekend, there will be fewer storms.  More widely separated.  Heat and humidity will be the big story.  I think the Heat Index will be near the dangerous triple digit level.  The pool and the Lake will be a popular place.  Rain chances are still better at the beach, but not as bad as last weekend.  I have adjusted the rain chances through Tuesday.  And, we’ll check the tropics.  Are there any new X’s on the map?

No surprises today. Showers and storms will be scattered around the area this afternoon and this evening. Hot and humid.

Storms will be few and far between this weekend. The big story will be heat and humidity. Heat index near the dangerous triple digit level.

Hot and Humid weekend with scattered, random afternoon & evening storms. Rain chances are a little better Monday.

Rain chances are a little better down on the coast this weekend, but not nearly as bad as last weekend. Yellow flags. Moderate Rip Current Risk.

As Elsa continues moving up the U.S. East Coast…the rest of the tropics are quiet for the moment. No other X’s on the map.

Elsa is still a Tropical Storm over Jersey. Winds have increased to 50 mph. Moving NE and 31 mph. Tropical storm warnings from New Jersey to New England.

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