More Random Storms Today – Fewer Storms Late Week – TUESDAY Video

 Good Morning!  As, expected, radar was very busy Monday.  Thunderstorms were widespread.  Today, once again, thunderstorms will be in generous supply by this afternoon.  If you didn’t get enough rain yesterday, today could be your day.  Starting tomorrow, though, as high pressure builds over us, the number of storms will start to thin out in number for the rest if the week and probably into the weekend.  I have eased the daily rain chance down for late week.  We’ll once check the amazingly quiet tropics.  How long could this last?

Again today, random storms will be in generous supply by this afternoon & evening. Hot & humid.

Today, an upper trough will aid in thunderstorm development, but, by tomorrow, the trough is gone. The high pressure ridge builds in at the upper levels and the number of storms start to thin out.

Storms become more widely separated for the rest of the week. Closer to a summertime normal Highs in the low 90’s Lows in the lower 70’s.

The upper high pressure ridge should be in control through the weekend, keeping fronts at bay.

The Atlantic basin remains quiet as a mouse for the next few days. Not only that, there is still not one tropical cyclone anywhere in the world right now. Just one Invest in the east Pacific off Mexico.

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