Comfortable Days, Cool Nights – Extended Storm-free Pattern – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!  Are you enjoying this Breath of Fresh Air?  What a remarkable day we have ahead of us on the First Full Day of Fall.  Sunshine, Low humidity, Comfortable.  Jacket weather tonight.  The news is not only good through the weekend, but, apparently for an extended period of days.  How long?  What about next week.  I’ll walk you through the next ten days.  Plus, an update on the very active Atlantic Basin.  Will we see “Sam” in the Atlantic today?  Could Sam become a Major Hurricane?

It couldn’t be a better forecast. Total sunshine. Absolute comfortable day. Jacket weather tonight. Enjoy the First Full Day of Fall.

Beautiful pattern for several days. 50’s at night through Saturday night. Warmer Sunday thrkugh Tuesday. Highs in the 80’s return…but low humidity.

Jacket weather tonight. Unusually cool for so early in the season.

This is a GREAT time of the year down on the Gulf Coast!

Looks like we’ll be warming up next week…BUT still low humidity. The normal high is 87, Low 65.

This map is amazing. This is the expected rainfall over the next 10 days. STORM_FREE, rain-free for many days.

It’s very active in the Atlantic. The most interesting feature is Invest 98-L. It will eventually become Sam. Sam is forecast to become a Major Hurricane. Will it affect North America, or curve into the Atlantic. The jury is still out.

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