Much Cooler Day & Chilly Tonight – Late Week Warming Trend – Storm-free Week – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Alabama is sampling some unusually cool air for so late in the season.  Today will be rather brisk at times.  The sun will be out, but north winds will be gusty, and we may fall short of 70 degrees for our high temperature.  Tonight will be cold for April.  Jacket weather.  Low 40’s by dawn in some towns.  But, the chill will not last long.  Expect a big warm-up by Wednesday afternoon.  We’ll be in the 80’s Thursday through Sunday.  The BEST news is – we’ll be storm-free for several days. It’ll be the first calendar week without a tornado threat in more than six weeks. On this video, I’ll fill in the day-to -day details.

Is this April? We’ve turned back the clock. Quite cool for so late in the season. We may not make it to 70 degrees. Quite breezy. Lower 40’s tonight. TOO Cold for so late in the season.

Amazing warming trend begins Wednesday afternoon. We’ll be in the lower 80’s by Thursday. Mid 80’s Friday. Upper 80’s Saturday and Sunday. Storm-free for several days.

Could we be about a week away from our next storm system?

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