Warming Trend Begins Today – Extended Storm-Free Pattern –  WEDNESDAY Video

Good Morning!  Our late season chill will soon begin to fade.  A nice warming trend begins this afternoon.  As an upper high pressure ridge builds, look for much warmer days and milder nights.  Meanwhile, the upper ridge will also act as a protective dome.  Approaching storm systems will be diverted.  It looks like several more storm-free days ahead.  How long can this last?  When will rain return?  On this video, I’ll walk you through the day-to-day details, through the weekend and beyond.

Our chilly start this morning will fade quickly. Expect a really nice Wednesday. Remarkable afternoon warm-up. Not as cool tonight.

As this unusually late season cool air fades…an upper ridge of high pressure builds, and the pronounced warming trend begins.

We’re dry as a a bone for at least the next 5 days….

Each day gets a little warmer. We’re dry at least through Sunday. What a nice weekend! Highs in the upper 80’s. A little summer preview?

Gosh I wish I was going to the BEACH this weekend. What a nice forecast.

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