SATURDAY  Update:  Small Rain Risk Saturday – Warm Days Continue

     Good Morning!    The storm system that caused a major tornado outbreak in Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas yesterday is fizzling as it approaches Alabama.  A weakening band of showers and storms will move into our state today. No Severe weather is expected.  

TORNADO OUTBREAK FRIDAY:  Several cities and towns are in shambles this morning following a major tornado outbreak in Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas yesterday. 19 tornadoes, many strong, were reported.  This is a reminder to all of us that we are getting into our Fall Severe Weather Season.

TODAY:    Mostly cloudy, breezy and warm.  High near 81.  Southeast wind at 10 to 20 mph. Scattered showers and thundershowers are most likely in the afternoon and evening hours.  The main window for the shower threat would be from about 2:00-8:00 PM.  Showers will fizzle out later tonight.  Low 63.   

Here’s one Hi-res Future Radar snapshot at about 3:00PM, showing the weakening band of showers and thunderstorms overspreads the area this afternoon.


The front that will bring our shower risk today, should fizzle by Sunday morning.  Sunday will be warm and dry with highs in the low to mid 80’s.  On Monday, we could potentially tease the record high of 86.  Tuesday will be dry and warm.  Much cooler Wednesday.  Small chance of rain by late week.

TROPICAL WEATHER: Lisa is a fizzling Tropical Depression near the SW Gulf.     There are Two Areas to Watch in the Atlantic. That disturbance in the Caribbean could affect the Southeast US by mid-week.  It is at least possible this system could acquire tropical or subtropical characteristics  before reaching the SE coast.  Worth watching.    

FALL BACK:  This is the weekend we Fall Back.  Set the clocks back an hour late tonight before you go to bed.  Back to Standard time till next March.

FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE TUESAY MORNING:  Full “Blood” lunar eclipse in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  It will be the last Full Lunar eclipse until March 2025.  The totality will last for almost and hour and a half.  Partial eclipse starts at 3:09 AM.  Full eclipse begins at 4:16 AM.  The totality ends at 5:41 AM.  Moonset at 6:15. 

Thanks for reading this Blog this morning! I’ll have another update for you in the morning.  Have a nice day!


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