CHRISTMAS Update:  Arctic Cold Will Fade – Major Warming Trend This Week

             Good Morning!   Merry Christmas!   Santa’s gift for all of us is the promise of Temperature Moderation.  The Arctic Cold will start to fade.  Looks like we’ll finally make it above freezing on this Christmas day with sunshine.  Not quite as windy.  We could see one final night of teens tonight.  But, stand by. There’s good news. Temperatures will turn around in a rather remarkable way in the week ahead.  Here’s my brief forecast discussion. 

CLIMATE DATA:  Saturday’s official high in Montgomery today was 32° at Midnight. We had a 32.  Morning low, 16°, windchill 1.  Peak wind gust 21 mph.  We fist reached freezing at 3:15 AM Friday.  If we go above freezing at 11AM today, that will be 53 hours at or below freezing.

CHRISTMAS DAY OUTLOOK:   Early morning temperatures in the upper Teens. Today will be Blustery, again. Today will be cold again, but not as windy.  Today’s high in the upper 30’s.  Northwest winds 7 to 16 will make it seem colder.  It will be mostly sunny today and mostly clear tonight.  Nighttime low tonight in the upper teens.   Normal of 60/38. 


Improvement Monday. Sunny and dry. Upper teens in the morning,  and the high will reach the mid 40’s .  Not quite as cold Tuesday.  High 52. Looks like near 60 by Wednesday.  Warmer Thursday, with a high of 67.  Chance of showers late Thursday night.  Better chance of showers and thunderstorms Friday, Friday night and Saturday.  Highs will tease 70.

Nice turn-around ahead.  By late next week, highs recover to the upper 60’s Thursday through Saturday.  We’ll be near or above 70  January 2 and 3. 

But, we also may have to deal with showers and thunderstorms, starting Friday.   Here’s the map for Friday Night 12/30 and 6PM.  (Euro model). 

CHRISTMAS PAST:    This is my 45th Christmas covering the weather for you.  The coldest was 5 in 1983.  Warmest 82 in 2016.   We had snow flurries in 2010.  Dozens of tornadoes in 2012.  Flooding in 2015.  We’ve seen a crazy variety of weather. 

Thanks for reading this Blog this morning! Merry Christmas from Chase and Rich!

I’ll have another update for you in the morning. 


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