FRIDAY Update:   Very Nice Memorial Day Weekend Forecast!

Good morning!    The news is very good.  We’re starting one of the two biggest outdoor weekends of the year.  And our forecast through Memorial Day weekend is just about ideal, for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches.  While some places in the Southeast US have an awful weekend forecast, we are in the right spot.  Our forecast is nearly perfect.  Comfortable days and cool nights.  We’ll be in the 50’s at night through Sunday night.  Daytime highs will be in the 80’s.  The humidity will be very low.  You could not write a better script. Here’s my brief forecast discussion.

TODAY:  Mostly sunny & nice.   High 83.  Northeast wind 6 to 12 mph.  Mostly clear and quite cool tonight.  Low 58.   

NEXT FEW DAYS:    The news is very good for the next few days, right on through the Memorial Day weekend.  Temperatures & humidity will be very comfortable.   There will be a good bit of sunshine over the holiday weekend.   Highs in the 80’s.  Cool nights in the 50’s through Sunday night.  Looks like a phenomenal forecast for one of the biggest outdoor seasons of the year.  We’ll warm-up to the upper 80’s Tuesday & Wednesday.

Thankfully, we are just in the right spot this weekend.

BEACH FORECAST:  It looks like an ideal Memorial Day Weekend forecast.  Sunshine will be abundant.  Highs in the lower 80’s.  Low at night in the 60’s.  Comfortable humidity.  An epic holiday weekend forecast.  Moderate Rip Current Risk.  Yellow flags. 

Hurricane Season begins next Thursday.  Ironically, according to NHC, there is an Area to Watch off the Southeast coast.  A developing coastal low will move northward toward the Carolinas over the weekend.  Probably it will not have any tropical characteristics.  But, NHC has given it a 10% chance.  Interesting. 

Yesterday NOAA came out with their 2023 Hurricane Season, projecting a “near normal” season despite El Nino.  Here are the numbers. 

We are now 6 days away from the official start of the season.  SAFE FROM THE STORM continues tonight at 10 on WAKA CBS 8 and ABC 32. 

Thanks for reading this Blog this morning! This morning we are LIVE on the radio from 6 to 9 on NewsTalk 93.1.  Watch us on TV on CBS 8 and ABC 32.  I’ll have another update for you in the morning.  Have a nice day!


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