SATURDAY Update: Hotter Days – Fewer Storms

Good morning from Phoenix!  We are enjoying a very brief and rare summer break.  We’ve got a dry forecast again today and tomorrow, and the humidity will be relatively tolerable for this part of the world in this part of the year.  We’ll be near 90 today and low on Sunday. Also, on Sunday spotty PM storms return and so does the humidity.   The heat index will be near or above 100 by Sunday.  Rain chances “spike” again on Monday as a front approaches. 

TODAY:  Abundant sunshine today. It’s rare to have NO rain mentioned in the forecast.  But, I have us dry today.  High today in the lower 90’s  Humidity…not awful. Dewpoints mid to upper 60’s today. A tad lower Saturday.  Low tonight near 70.

We’re in a good spot today, with relatively tolerable humidity today.  A little tougher, though, on Sunday. Get ready for the those 100+ Heat Indices.   

NEXT FEW DAYS: We’re back to 90+ temps. The Humidity will be increasing Sunday & Monday.  The heat index will be near or above 100 by Sunday.  Spotty random afternoon and evening storms are returning.  Rain chances are better Monday as a front approaches.  Then, we get another little break, with fewer storms on Tuesday & Wednesday. 

TROPICAL UPDATE:  Tropical Storm Bret is not long for this world.  Bret is a 45 mph Tropical Storm at a low latitude a little north of the ABC islands.  It is encountering a hostile environment and is likely to dissipate over the weekend. 

Behind Bret, Cindy is much healthier with 60 mph winds.  Located in the Tropical Atlantic, it is expected to make a right turn and miss land all together.  Like Bret, Cindy will also encounter a hostile environment and  will likely dissipate by the middle of the week.

BEACH OUTLOOK: I have revised the Beach forecast and lowered the weekend rain chance. Highs in the mid 80’s.  Gulf water temperature has warmed to 84. Be careful.   Moderate Rip Current Risk.   

Thanks for reading this Blog this morning! I’ll have another update for you in the morning.  The 50th AMS Broadcast Conference is now over.  I’ll be dealing with airports and airplanes all day.  Have a great weekend.


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