MONDAY Update:   High & Dry – Hot Week – Storm-free

Good Morning!   The story of the summer has been that big Upper High pressure Heat Dome.  Once again it is expanding.   It will dominate much of the Nation this week.  For us: Sunny, hot and dry for the next few days.  Highs in the 90’s.  The heat index will probably stay below 100 through Tuesday.  It’ll be near 100 Wednesday through Saturday.  So, not as crazy as last week.   I don’t expect any Heat Advisories until perhaps the weekend.  Meanwhile, expect a dry forecast through Wednesday, at least.  Tiny rain chance for late week and the weekend.  Here’s my brief forecast discussion. 

TODAY:  Sunny & hot. Dry.  High 93.  Low tonight near 70.   

The BEST chance of rain for the next several days will be down close to the coast near that stalled front

NEXT FEW DAYS:   High and Dry.  Lots of sunshine.  Highs in the 90’s.  Perhaps some isolated, widely scattered storms Thursday through Saturday. 

The story of the summer has been that big Upper High pressure Heat Dome.  Once again it is expanding.  Not just eastward across the South, but northward as well.  It will dominate the Nation’s weather this week.  Mostly HOT and DRY.  By the end of the week and the weekend, even the East Coast will see the hottest weather of the year so far.

Rain prospects are NOT good for most of the region thus week, except down on the coast. 

The Heat Index will not be as bad as last week.  Last week we had Heat Indices in the 110-115 range.  This week, looks like close to 100 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Possibly higher this weekend. 

Next week, the upper high could even be stronger across the south, on the first week of August.

TROPICAL UPDATE:  Tropical Storm Don is still  on the map in the North Atlantic.   Invest 95-L is running into hostile upper wind shear. It has a low chance of development. 

The Euro model shows 95-L still has the potential for tropical development in the Caribbean in the next 10 days. 

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