WEDNESDAY UPDATE:   Great String of Days Ahead – Beautiful, Warmer Easter Weekend

Good morning!  The weather news for the next few days is pretty nice.  We should be storm-free/Dry for several days through at least the Easter Weekend and beyond.  Thursday’s high only in the 60’s, but warmer by the weekend. Easter weekend looks great. By Easter Sunday, highs will be near or above 80. It’s a dry forecast at least through Monday,  if not longer.   Here’s my brief forecast discussion.


TODAY:  Dense Fog Advisory This morning until 8AM.  Mostly sunny.  High 74.  Wind:  North wind at 6 to 12 mph. Partly cloudy, cooler tonight.  Low 48.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  We have a nice string of days ahead of us.  Thursday will be a little cooler with highs in the upper 60’s.  The Easter Weekend forecast looks spectacular.  We’ll be in the lower 70’s on Good Friday.  Upper 70’s Saturday, and near or above 80 on Easter Sunday.  Mostly sunny Wednesday through Monday.  Perhaps mid 80’s by Monday.    

How about this?   Dry & storm-free for several days.  Here’s the expected rainfall through Monday.  

Here’s the 10 day temperature trend.  The coolest day will be Thursday.  We could be near or above 80 by Easter Sunday. Perhaps mid 80’s by Monday.

EASTER FACTS (Montgomery):  Easter is obviously a floating holiday, as early as March 21 and as late as April 25th.  Since records began in 1872, the warmest Easter Sunday was 89 in 1910.  Coldest 32 in 1937.   Wettest :  3.65” in 2005. 

POLLEN:   Here’s a look at the next 4 days.  Tough days for pollen sufferers. 

Thanks for reading the blog. There will be another complete Blog update and video forecast discussion tomorrow morning.  This morning, everything is normal including LIVE on the Radio from 6 to 9AM on NewsTalk 93.1 – WACV.  Have a great day.


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