Front Approaching – And, All Eyes on the Gulf – Monday Video

MONDAY VIDEO UPDATE  (5:00 AM 6/19/17):  Very busy morning, with lots to talk about. Marginal severe weather risk today as a front approaches.  And two tropical systems to update you on.  The one in the Yucatan, moving into the Gulf, could have direct implications on our weather, maybe as a depression or low end Tropical Storm.  The other system in the Atlantic will likely become “Bret” later today, and it could have future implications for the United States.  I hope you have a chance to watch today’s Monday weather briefing.  Lots of good information.


Today’s severe weather risk.  Damaging winds are the main threat.

Tropics are busy.  Close to home Invest 93-L over the Yucatan will enter the Gulf today and could become a Tropical depression.   TD 2 will move through the Windward Is. today and will likely become TS Bret.

Here’s the spaghetti models on 93-L.  It could very likely have a future impact on our weather.

TD 2 in the tropical Atlantic will move through the Windward Islands and then into the Carribbean.  It will likely become tropical storm Bret today, and eventually it could have future implications for the United States.


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